The relevance of dimensional metrology

What is Dimensional Metrology?

Dimensional Metrology is the field of Metrology that deals with the product dimension. The study of measures is as ancient as the existence of the first civilizations and over the centuries has engaged human intellect in the development and realization of instruments capable of measuring more and more technological, bringing the technology itself to ever higher levels of innovation.

Over time, the need to establish uniform and reproducible methods for measuring goods and products has prompted authorities and organisations to define measurement standards.



Coordinate Machine Measurement

Nowadays, in the manufacturing sector, dimensional metrology is an indispensable field: the need to generate standard and increasingly precise products has led this sector to the production of increasingly sophisticated and precise instruments.

The development of these measuring instruments is an important element in Dimensional Metrology. Through the use of instruments such as Machine Measurement Coordinates (CMM) it is possible to measure different parts and components, such as gears, shafts, engine parts, etc,. With CMMs it is possible to carry out these operations in a methodically and scientifically way, which would be difficult and too long to perform manually.

In an industry where maximum precision is the goal to achieve the use of statistics is essential.
Related to Dimensional Metrology is Controllo statistico del processo (SPC), the use of stastical methods to monitor and control measurement process. SPC allows to achieve high levels of efficiency (OEE) and production control, reducing time and costs.