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Machine Monitor


Keep track of your machines from your Mobile App or your Web Application.

Have the full status under control: the program running, the environmental information and the history of the hardware errors.

A single dashboard will always keep you updated

Statistical Evaluation

All the measuring results stored in a single repository accessible anytime and everywhere.

A full statistical evaluation of the data lets any user understand how the production is going without going through desktop application: just download the app from the stored to be always connected.

Analytics comparison

Get an analytic analysis of the measuring results comparing the different machines and measuring tools production in order to get a view of the performance.

This is a fundamental help to plan your next maintenance or a help in choosing the next machine tool.

History Repository


All the history of the alarms on your machine are stores and available.

Errors, environmental data or a streaming of your machine are present in a dedicated dashboard from where no secrets are hidden.


In a totally connected world, information are shared and required in real time.
Quality and connectivity go together:
for a better quality the answers shall be faster and easy to find.


It allows the production department to keep control of the relevant data, avoiding delays in data searching and improving the reporting process, as all necessary data is quickly available.

Flexibility and immediate availability of results allows the different  instances of decision of a company to accelerate the decision-making process, as they can count on ready and objective information.

Each company has different needs, and each client has particular requests. Metrology Gate meets the needs of both – companies and clients – by offering precisely what is necessary.

Besides all the real time statistical information, Metrology Gate provides OEE, which allows to measure the efficiency of the company.

Furthermore, the Machine Monitor let you know, at anytime on the free mobile App, what is happening on each instrument, and provides historical logs to troubleshoot situations and plan maintenance.

In the manufacturing environment, all the information related to production are quite well handled by the so called «MES»

(Manufacturing Execution System), but the information of the quality of the production are still demanded to more traditional analysis instruments such as SPC and most commonly, Excel.

Metrology is the only segment of the supply chain that even providing the highest number of data, is supported by a poor infrastructure for real time access to data.

In the modern industry the need of synthesis and accuracy in the information is a key step for success.

How does Metrology Gate work

From the factory to yourMobile App.

Keep the track of every aspect of process. Easily and quickly.


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