Bring your manual inspection data into 4.0!

Metrology Gate Script is a software package of Metrology Gate that allows the recording and saving of measurements data from manual and fixture gauge tools integrated with SDK.
Metrology Gate, through a dedicated client, will interface with the manual measuring instrument, recording and saving data in the web application.

Metrology Gate Script
Metrology Gate Manual Inspection Data

Metrology Gate Script helps you through the Rollover Tasks Presenter function: a
customizable package that guides the user along the measuring process by showing clearly each step to do to get the final measurement.
The outcome of Rollover is a presentation style slide show (or other multimedia format)
that guides the user step by step along the measurement process.
A series of templates are available: the programmer selects one and fill the template with some of the field such as title and description of the task, connection to specific device, measured result coming from the device, etc.

Once the presentation is done, the Rollover presentation will be placed on the measuring station. From that moment the measuring task is clearly explained and the data are collected and send to Metrology Gate together with:

  • User Details
  • Part Number
  • Part Type
  • Shift Details
  • Distrubution Chart
  • Custom Programmable Details

Metrology Gate Manual Inspection Data